the best in baseball

I don’t know who’s blogging on this page or about what they’re blogging but here’s something worth wasting your eyes on. The greatest baseball player of all time. This is the moment where everyone gets pissed off and thinks this is a loaded question. There’s no way pitchers can be jumbled in with hitters. We can not compare Johnny bench to Bob Gibson. But we mean business, and not just simple business. I want to know the top three baseball players of all time listed in order. List them in order and then provide a reason why they are the best. I ran a simple calculation of homeruns, plus RBIs, plus batting average, to compare the greatest players of all time. The leader is Babe Ruth, and the honest truth is that it’s not even close. If you want to argue that its bob gibson or sandy koufax you better have evidence that someone who plays once every three days is worth this blog’s time.




If you post be ready to defend your opinion, we’ll crown a king at the end of the week.

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Lets go baby

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